Friday, May 27, 2011

Jetting off: Napa

We can barely contain our excitement! Tomorrow we are headed off for a weekend in Napa for Danette + Doug's big day!!! They are getting married at the breath takingly beautiful Beaulieu Gardens! Here is a sneak peek at the inspiration behind the big day... there will be touches of glamour, gorgeous peonies, a color palette of coral pink with pops of cheery yellow and elegant accents in greige. Ooh and tons of macaroons! Should be nothing short of fabulous- especially since shooting the wedding is the fabulous Tec Petaja!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Engaging: Jamie + Ryan

We can not be any more excited to be working with this adorable couple! They seriously are knock your socks off sweet. Lucky us, we get to work with them for a whole year on their summer 2012 wedding!!

Such a beautiful shot of Jamie! We seriously get so lucky that all of our brides are such models in front of the camera!

Love this one too! Irish Grzanich did a superb job capturing the couple in such precious moments. Head over to her blog to see even more shots of these two!

Congrats Jamie and Ryan! We are so excited to be a part of your big day-- we can't wait for your Darlington House wedding next summer!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alicia + Aaron's Leo Carrillo Wedding

We are beyond excited to share this little sneak peek from NR3 of the magic that was Alicia + Aaron's wedding day! John and Norma captured the details perfectly and honestly we could not have asked for a more beautiful April day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

We're sure they are Liz's too; she looks gorgeous dripping in diamonds!

If there is one thing we have learned through working with so many brides, it is that each bride is unique and wants that to come across in every detail -- the ring being one of the most important! We recently discovered online jeweler and had to share this gem with all of our brides. They offer a huge selection of gorgeous, high quality bridal sets, and have made it so easy for you to customize and make your rings your own (you know how into customizing we are!)
  • Start by selecting your favorite diamond bridal set design. Each set has both the diamond engagement ring as well as the matching diamond wedding band. Choose from a range of styles - classic, vintage and modern.
  • Next choose your metal type (10k, 14k and 18k yellow gold, white gold or platinum)
  • Diamond color and clarity
  • Carat size
  • Ring size (the standard ring size for women is 6.5 but almost any ring size can be made)
:: To give you a little taste, here are some bride favorites ::

Diamond Solitaire Studded Band Bridal Set
Splendid Romance Four Row Matching Bridal Set

Delighted by Diamonds Matching Wedding Set
Having the bridal set ensures you have two perfectly fit rings ahead of time, instead of trying to match a band to your engagement ring after the fact. Plus,
Anjolee is the manufacturer of all jewelry items on their site, so their prices are reasonable enough to buy both rings instead of a diamond engagement ring only.

The cherry on top? Free shipping on all orders, gift packaging and a 30-day return policy!

For additional information about diamond bridal sets or other fine jewelry items, visit and for product reviews and jewelry education. Don't forget to "accidentally" leave the site up on your guy's computer...they need these hints.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good things come in three's!!

It has been a great week here at Amorology... We're so excited to have three lovely weddings featured on some of our favorite blogs! We love being able to relive each of our couple's special days!

Hop over to Style Me Pretty to see Tasha + Michael's garden inspired wedding..

Green Wedding Shoes featured Jamie + Eric's bird watching and I-spy inspired wedding! It will leave you thankful for all springtime's colorful blooms!

And don't forget to take a peak at Erin + Tyler's San Francisco travel-inspired wedding on Inspired by This.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

James + Alex Save The Day

Who said you can't have a good time while you're working!? We sure did this past Saturday at James + Alex's super hero inspired wedding. Honestly any wedding at the New Children's Museum would be a blast, but being a part of James + Alex's big day was incomparable! With the inclusion of a breakaway brick wall, a light saber fight, a cereal bar, and freeze dance; how could this not go down as one of the funnest weddings ever?

Here's the inspiration board we created for the couple and a little peek in to the awesomeness that was James + Alex's wedding!

Oh yes, there were lots of cupcakes (hostess inspired ones, cupcakes topped with cookies, cupcakes drowning in name they had it!) The brides' bouquet had brightly colored ric-rac intertwined around the flowers, floral arrangements were wrapped with poppy yellow and white chevron fabric, colored pencils were used instead of pens for guests to leave well wishes to the couple, and there was an abundance of super hero love throughout the decor. Jagger Photography was there to capture the night's festivities, so we can't wait to share with you this wild wedding!

Trending: David's Bridal bridesmaid dresses & gowns

It’s hard to believe the Royal Wedding was over a week ago! Even though Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is still all the buzz, did you also catch her sister, Pippa’s, bridesmaid dress? Two words we thought of to describe it? Simply Gorgeous. Slimly fitting her petite figure, it flowed with each step following the bride to be. Some thought white was an “interesting” color choice, but we think she really complimented her sister and only added to the royal wedding elegance.

Doing a bit of a search ourselves, we discovered lovely bridesmaid dresses, similar to that of Pippa’s (without the Alexander McQueen price tag- not all of us are in the Royal Family ;) at David’s Bridal! Here are a few suggestions that we thought would be a great choice to recreate your own Royal Wedding.

David's Bridal is an excellent resource for tons of our brides; not only for great bridesmaid dresses but for their gowns too! Several of our brides with upcoming weddings this year have shown us their dream dresses-- which they purchased at David's Bridal! Here is one of our favorite David's Bridal dresses of last year, worn by Tammy at her memorable Pride & Prejudice wedding!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Engaging: Carly + David

We are extra excited to introduce you to our duo Carly + David and share their engagement shots by Elise Lauren Photography for a few reasons... One- this lovely little bride, Carly, is the THIRD Tobler we get to work with! Amorology was lucky enough to plan both of Carly's brothers weddings; we had so much fun working with them and getting to know their family. Two- we are pleased.. no, excited.. no, ecstatic to announce that Carly is the newest addition to the Amorology team! This girl is super creative and we can't wait to have her join us in our adventures. And third- they are stinkin' cute!

Lookin' sharp, you two!

Look at those big eyes! Can't get over how gorgeous Carly looks!

Congrats David and Carly, we can't wait to embark on this journey with you :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

5 Top Tips to Buy Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is most loving for all. For many of the people it is symbolic piece of jewelry that they want to wear all the time. It is most important for them and they cannot even live without it. It is therefore important for them that they choose the wedding ring that looks beautiful and is designed smartly.

If you are looking to buy the ring you should select it very carefully. There are some of the points that you should care for while choosing and ordering your wedding ring making.
- First of all you should give the proper measurements of your finger. This ensures the perfect size of ring which is easy and comfortable to wear. You should ask the professional jeweler to take the accurate size so that you get the perfect ring for you.
- Next there is a need to determine the budget and metal you want for your ring. The metal of the it can be judged by the budget you have. Gold and platinum metals are popular and precious of all. But if you want some cheap wedding rings you can also go with silver or gold polished ring that suits your budget well.

- Then you should also look for the weight and durability of the ring you want. This again is dependent upon the money you want to invest on your ring. Ring is the ring that is not purchased frequently. So if you can afford a bit you should go with buying gold or platinum rings that are most durable.
- You should also choose the weight of the ring according to the size and make of your finger. If you are having thick fingers you should invest some more in your ring so that you should get the ring that looks perfect when you wear.

- Then you should also look for the design of ring you want. You should choose the design that looks great at your personality.

Chocolate Diamond Wedding Rings - Today's Popular Engagement Ornaments

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. Wedding rings symbolizes this happy event, today chocolate diamond engagement rings have become the choice of most consumers. These are studded with beautiful and sparkling chocolate diamonds. International stars and common men are buying these sparkling finger ornaments. Chocolate colored diamonds are obtained from mines of Africa, Australia and Russia. These diamonds attain a brownish hue due to pressure of the earth. Today these gemstones have got a huge craze in the jewelry market. Chocolate rings are used by couples to mark holy and sacred emotions during an engagement or marriage ceremony. These are excellent alternatives for those who want to wear something special and unique than white and colorless diamond rings. Before choosing such wedding rings one should be acquainted with the background of chocolate diamonds studded in it. These diamonds are cheaper than traditional white diamonds and have an attractive dark luster.
One can buy chocolate rings of any shapes. They are also available in combination with other gemstones like Emerald, Ruby and Blue Sapphire. But the best stone combination of these rings is that of "chocolate and vanilla cream".This marriage ring is made by combining chocolate diamond and white turquoise. Now after making one's mind what to buy a buyer has to choose a suitable place to purchase the ring. One must beware that some sellers may try to cheat by showing low graded stone rings that appear may appear like chocolate diamond rings due to radiant luster. One should be cautious while choosing and buying them. Search for original jewelry should be made until one finds it. Wedding rings studded with chocolate diamonds can be worn by those people who are sure of going well with it against a public crowd. These rings should be provided special care to make them sparkle for a long time. They must be protected in various ways. These rings should be kept away from heat to keep them rich in color.

Wedding Rings for Women - Top 5 Styles

The number of styles of wedding rings for women has increased a lot over the last few decades. This isn't to say that the classic wedding band isn't around any longer - it is, and it too has seen an expansion in terms of the number of shapes and sizes that are available. Here are what we consider to be the top 5 styles of wedding rings for women.
5. Carved Band

A popular variation on the classic wedding band style, carved bands can feature a myriad of patterns and motifs carved along the band, adding a touch of artistry without making the ring too showy or inappropriate for everyday wearing. The best styles of carved bands use a simple yet elegant style which distinguishes them ever so slightly from the ordinary. Carved bands are available in a variety of materials, the most popular of which are platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. White and yellow gold combination carving patterns are also common.
4. Three Stone

The three stone style of rings for women takes a concept that was once strictly the domain of engagement rings and scales it down to create a wedding ring that is both wearable and spectacular. The diamonds used in three stone wedding ring styles are usually set in bezels or, in some cases, heavier than usual prongs, in order to provide protection and help reduce the need for maintenance. Rings for women with more than three large stones are also available, but the three stone variety usually offers the best combination of value and style.
3. Eternity

Also commonly used for post-wedding occasions, eternity bands are becoming more popular as wedding ring choices. With their 360-degree diamond settings, eternity bands are uniquely stunning. While a range of eternity band sizes are available, we feel that the .25 and .50 carat types are the most outstanding thanks to their combination of value and comfort.
2. Classic Band

The classic band persists as a popular style among wedding rings for women because of its inherent advantages: cost, comfort, and durability. Nowadays there are so many sizes and styles on the market that every bride is assured of a perfect fit. In terms of materials, as well, although the standards like platinum and white gold still rule, there are all kinds of choices out there. When all else fails, the classic band is sure to provide satisfaction.
1. Pavé Set

Pavé set wedding rings for women represent the ultimate in style and elegance. Pavé set rings are available in varying degrees of extravagance, and some can indeed be surprisingly affordable. As with other styles, pavé set wedding rings tend to be smaller and more wearable than engagement rings, and this has the added benefit of meaning that they're also more affordable. By carefully choosing your diamonds, you can ensure that you get great value along with the one of a kind beauty provided by this type of wedding ring.

Why Have Titanium Wedding Rings Become So Popular?

Fifteen years ago very few people outside of very high end jewelry shops had even heard of using titanium for rings. While it had been used in aviation, medicine and manufacturing, the use of titanium for rings and jewelry was just unheard of for the most part.

Now titanium wedding rings are the hottest sellers in the jewelry industry. Those couples who compare gold, platinum and titanium for their rings often end up with a titanium wedding ring.

There are several reasons why titanium has become a popular choice for those seeking a wedding ring:
Hypoallergenic Properties
Many people have had the experience of buying a watch, ring or earrings and suffering an allergic reaction. Impure metals-rings are seldom 100% of any material-can cause reactions with human skin. Titanium is inert, which means it will not react with human tissue. In fact, it is often used for hip transplants due to its strength and non-reactive properties.

The cost of gold and platinum are at all-time highs. This, of course, means that gold wedding rings and platinum wedding rings are also very expensive these days. For example, a basic platinum wedding band will cost at least $1000 and a gold wedding bands, depending on the design, can be equally or more expensive. Titanium, however, has not seen such dramatic rises in cost over the years. A great, handcrafted titanium ring is typically about half the price as its counterparts.
Strength and Durability
Titanium is an extremely durable material for wedding rings. Often used for airplane and submarine components, titanium is very strong and will not ding or dent like gold-a much softer metal. Scratching, though possible, is much more unlikely for a titanium ring than a gold ring. Another great thing about titanium is that it won't react with sea water or almost all corrosive elements. This means that titanium ring wearers can wear their ring day in and day out without worrying about damaging the ring. A well-made titanium ring will last a lifetime.
Design Choices
Many people getting married these days do not want the same gold wedding band style their father, uncles, grandfather and grandfather's father had. Gold rings are just, well, too traditional and boring for many wedding ring buyers.
Titanium, unlike gold, allows for some very creative and unique ring designs. For example, a simple titanium wedding band can have a gold inlay, but it can also have an opal, Koa wood, or Tiger's Eye inlay. Titanium rings with inlays are very popular for wedding bands because they are available in many designs that are stylish, unique and a better reflection of the wearer's personality than the old standby-a yellow gold wedding band.