Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Creative Wedding Ideas to Utilize Today's Technology

We've all seen the wedding party dancing up the aisle to Forever. I personally think it's awesome, but not everyone falls into that category. After all, the day is supposed to be about the bride and groom and their wishes. Wanna dance your way into infamy... A couple of these wedding ideas will certainly help you create that buzz after you complete the dance. Bride and grooms love to incorporate different ideas to make their day unique, but How to do that, if your budget is limited, or you simply are too busy to dream up the ideas yourself?

Check out this list of creative ideas to utilize technology. Most of them require very little if any cost!

1. Set up a special Tweet page for the Wedding Day. Social networking provides a fantastic opportunity to share your special day with your family and friends. It gives you a minute by minute account of the wedding day from your friends and families perspective. The special tweet page also allows friends and family that were unable to attend to join in the fun. Imagine settling back after all the dust has settled and reading the posts from the days events.

2. Want a more visual approach? Set up a special YouTube page. Encourage friends and family to take videos throughout the reception and days events and upload them to a private page that you have set up for your special day. You are going to be so busy, that little things will be missed. Sure you could hear stories about them, but imagine watching them on your own YouTube channel. This is also another great way to share with family and friends the spirit of the day if they were unable attend AND have a documentary style approach to your wedding.

3. Not sure what to put on your wedding registry? This seems to be a sense of frustration for many bride and grooms. Sure you could go to the local Department stores and do the typical registry gifts, but do you really need everything, that you put on these lists? After all,You want to be different. Check out a couple of these websites, that provide creative wedding ideas for the gift side of things. Uncommon Goods has some unique gifts, that you will be sure to use. Another fantastic site is the I DO Foundation. It allows patrons of your wedding to make a donation to charity.

4. Computers/Tablets are easy to bring along. Why not set up a table with a display of your engagement photos to stream during the reception? It's a great way to show off your beautiful pictures for people who may have missed some of the engagement announcement shots. Another great way to use the tablet is to make it the guest registry. It's a creative and easy way for each of the guests to write you a personalized note as they sign in.

Weddings are once in a lifetime events. Coming up with that unique and creative Wedding Idea is how you make the day your very own. If you would like to learn more about an opportunity to make Your special day truly Unique visit Unidolphin Entertainment. Imagine... Your Story, Your Day, Your Custom Song. You can also email me at for any questions or comments.

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